Did You See the Hype?

September 21, 2022
Mike Admon
CTO/CISO, SeeMetrics
SeeMetrics Listed in Gartner Cyber Risk Management
Hype Cycle

We are proud to announce that SeeMetrics has been named a sample vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management 2022. Listed under the Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM) category, SeeMetrics is proud to receive recognition from Gartner in the emerging category and our position within it. 

SeeMetrics aims to change the security organizations' management of operations by providing a novel way for security leaders and CISOs to effectively track, measure, and optimize the performance of their stacks. Our platform is designed specifically for security leaders and executives to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic cyber security environment. Empowering them with real-time insights driven directly from the operational stack allows security professionals to have an executive-level perspective on coverage, utilization, budget and performance.

A growing need for Cyber Performance Management

Cybercrime is spiralling out of control and expected to increase by 15% every year, with costs potentially reaching $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. While trying to meet those challenges, organizations are struggling to hire the talent they need. Security teams are grappling with overwhelming, complex stacks with far too many tools to manage, increased expectation to reduce risk, while communicating gaps and priorities. They're expected to do it without a real understanding of how the performance of their tools correlates with their level of protection and efficiency.

Effective decision making demands real-time data comprehension

Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM) is an emerging Gartner category that refers to solutions that help security leaders more efficiently measure their programs and ultimately mature their cybersecurity postures. With a comprehensive view of capabilities, not products, and performance, not just coverage, security leaders can make more proactive data-driven decisions about budget, manpower, and overall prioritization.

Facing an evolution of technology and rapidly shifting IT environments generates a need for specialized solutions, so organizations enlist further vendors, and CISOs and security professionals end up managing multiple solutions. According to senior security executives, small businesses deploy 15-20 tools, medium businesses 50-60, and large enterprises deploy over 130. The patchwork of different measurements, overlapping capabilities, and sheer volume of data creates a myriad of operational and budgetary complexities that make management and efficiency of security programs impossible.

Furthermore, it inhibits organizations in identifying security gaps and hinders their prioritization in response. Large teams are investing as much as 20% of their time to gathering and analyzing data, making them unable to devote the necessary focus to their primary task: security. The amount of work required to prepare for board meetings is laborious and often wasteful and ineffective. Using CPM solutions, security leaders can get to the core of the issue quickly, accessing the data and insights based on what's really happening and how their tools are actually performing. Those insights allow them to identify the gaps and lead with optimal productivity and visibility, streamlining board meeting prep, and the communication of insights to other teams.

Why CPM is the answer

The CPM category presents a simple but highly effective solution to the aforementioned issues, enabling security leaders to better understand the performance of their tools. They can then comprehend the  correlation between capabilities and coverage, and thereby identify the gaps and fix the inefficiencies based on what really matters. CPM technologies help security professionals take informed and proactive next steps, which can be convey with ease to company boards.

The need for this kind of technological solution is reflected in Gartner’s Cyber Risk Management report. It draws attention to the need for organizations to prioritize risk management and demonstrate the value, efficiency, and maturity of their security approaches. In the report we see the importance not only of the assessment of product and capability performance, but also of a business-outcome approach that drives informed cybersecurity decision-making based on easily-obtainable valuable data insights.

Security leaders are already under pressure to reduce cyber risks and produce data insights into their cybersecurity programs that demonstrate their value and effectiveness; however, they are currently left with insufficient and ineffective approaches to do so. Security and business leaders need to establish a business-oriented approach that utilizes management technology that understands and serves CISOs needs. As industries across the world face greater cybersecurity threats, CPM solutions will be essential in streamlining security operations by putting the focus on performance.

As SeeMetrics continues to grow and build upon our current services, input from security teams and CISOs will be incredibly valuable in our efforts to enhance the power and value of cybersecurity programs. We are honored to see our product featured in Gartner’s Cyber Risk Management 2022 report. We’re equally proud to be working on a solution that Gartner defines as having a ‘high’ benefit rating. To learn more about the SeeMetrics platform, visit our website:

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