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Introducing a cybersecurity performance management platform for security leaders to see, track, and improve operations

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A business perspective for security leaders

See your security program performance in one place

Turn to one centralized place to understand how your stack has been performing and how it can perform better. Stop chasing after consolidating data.

What do I need to worry about?

Decide, plan and invest based on data, not on intuition

Actionable information about products, people and budget allow you to make more informed decisions about your corporate security.

Expose gaps based on context

Identify gaps in your cyber resilience and performance based on cross-product insights and real-time threats.

There are 173 licenses that could be savedarrow

Collaborate across the organization

Enjoy out of-the-box, dynamic metrics that you can share and communicate easily with non-technical audiences.

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Julie Tsai, Former Head of Information security, Roblox
SeeMetrics flips the narrative for security leaders to proactively push real-time, relevant and contextual data directly from their technology stacks. This saves them valuable time and speeds up how key information and analysis is shared with executives that can make the difference in addressing the right issues in time.
Julie Tsai , Former Head of Information Security
Sounil Yu, CISO & Head of Research at JupiterOneFormer Chief Security Scientist at Bank of AmericaCreator of the Cyber Defense Matrix
How hard should you press the brakes when the car in front of you suddenly stops? It depends on the distance. Unfortunately, in security, we slam on the brakes too often because we don't have great tools to gauge the distance. SeeMetrics is on the right path to helping CISOs get good measurements so that security can help the business move more smoothly through the hazards of our digital environment.
Sounil Yu , CISO & Head of Research
Jason Chan, Former CISO, 
SeeMetric’s vision is to be the CISO’s magic wand - letting you manage, measure, and govern with up to date, factual metric data from across the security stack, so that you can shift from data gathering and exploration to proactive strategy and action.
Jason Chan , Former CISO
Frank Kim, CISO & Fellow, 
SANS Institute
I’ve experienced the struggle of creating operational and executive metrics that make a difference. SeeMetrics is developing a solution that allows security teams to take a more proactive, strategic approach.
Frank Kim , CISO & Fellow
Rafael Franco, Founder, Code blue
The first-ever platform that enables CISOs to see the entire iceberg of cybersecurity operations and management, SeeMetrics is a game changer for risk visibility, forecasting and benchmarking. It offers easy communication and simple language with stakeholders.
Refael Franco , Founder
Yael Nagler, Founder, Yass Partners
Transforming data noise into meaningful metrics enables us to more precisely manage our risk profile and prioritize our security program.
Yael Nagler , Founder

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SeeMetrics’ agentless platform integrates with all of your existing tools so you can start generating insights within minutes. 

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