Use cases

Cybersecurity Stack Management

Automatic, real-time and continuous insights about the coverage, utilization and performance of your security tools derived directly from your stack.



Too many tools. Too little visibility.

Today’s cyber security programs need to demonstrate tangible, quantifiable value. Measuring progress, identifying trends, and distilling insights is challenging with manually-created spreadsheets or static one-dimensional reports. This has made consolidation tempting, but left CISOs in the dark, unable to answer key questions.



Map. Rationalize. Budget.

SeeMetrics gives full visibility into how the security stack is performing so that security leaders can quickly identify critical gaps, communicate priorities, and demonstrate progress based on measurable baselines and KPIs.

Map capabilities

Visualize the capabilities you have, the capabilities you're missing and the ones you no longer need.

Rationalize your stack

Decide which tools to consolidate based on multiple data points.

Proactively manage your budget

Reduce excess spending by better understanding capability coverage and effectiveness. Justify costs by demonstrating the correlation between gaps and risk.

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