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Threats & Safeguards

A new way for CISOs to quantify and communicate threat management readiness, based on the most significant indicating factors and out-of-the box thresholds.



Quantifying readiness - Ransomware

It is difficult to know if the right controls are in place, how well each of them are performing and which critical gaps need to be closed to improve overall readiness. This leaves threats unaddressed and security leaders frustrated.



See, Evaluate, Plan

SeeMetrics empowers security leaders and teams to better target and close mission-critical security gaps that let ransomware attacks in by identifying the significant indicators and monitoring their performance closely.


For any known threat, understand which capabilities exist, see how they are performing and set goals for the areas that are problematic.


Evaluate why trends are improving or not. Understand gaps in context, such as the impact of M&A, and plan more effectively to close them.


Take action to close the identified gaps and increase your readiness level. Prioritize what needs to be changed in the context of well-known frameworks.

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