SeeMetrics Wins Silver 2022 ASTORS Award for Best Security Workforce Management Platform

December 21, 2022
SeeMetrics Staff
SeeMetrics’ cyber security performance management platform recognized for powering cybersecurity workforces with improved efficiency, collaboration, and added value to the wider organization

We are pleased to share that SeeMetrics has been named the silver recipient of a 2022 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award from American Security Today for the Best Security Workforce Management Platform.

What is the ASTORS award?

American Security Today’s Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards is the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program, and in its Seventh Year, continues to recognize industry leaders in different security fields including cybersecurity. It is designed to honor distinguished government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit, and intelligence to end-users in a variety of government, homeland security, enterprise, and public safety vertical markets. SeeMetrics won the silver award in the Best Workforce Management Solution category.

The “why” behind our win

Ours is a cyber security performance management platform with many impacts - including empowering CISOs to manage their security workforce in a whole new way.

Today’s cyber security workforces have too much data, too many tools, yet too few insights. To derive performance insights, CISOs and security leaders rely on expensive consultants or static questionnaires that show a time-limited snapshot – not a real-time picture of the complex trends shaping security posture. There is no easy or quick  way to understand how the tools are performing, which capabilities are missing, and how to reallocate manpower and resources based on the gaps. Security workforce leaders have trouble quantifying the efficacy – and justifying the expense – of security programs to executive and regulatory stakeholders.

SeeMetrics offers a new way for cybersecurity teams to work – with an accurate, accessible, and actionable Bloomberg-like cybersecurity dashboard that shows security team leaders a birds-eye view of overall capabilities. The metrics provided have significant implications on where security leaders allocate manpower, how they adjust budget, and to which critical cybersecurity areas they channel resources. And they help bring operational tools in-line with budget and human resources goals, create stack rationalization, and streamline program management.

All this makes SeeMetrics a cybersecurity workforce management game-changer — and a silver ASTORS award winner. Against the backdrop of today's economic climate that demands better budget management and higher ROI, more and more security leaders are opting for solutions such as SeeMetrics that help them understand effectiveness in real time and support key decisions.

To read the press release, click here

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