Use cases

Security program effectiveness

A consolidated view of all security programs helps to align security and business goals, communicate progress, and foster more meaningful collaboration.



Demonstrating effectiveness is challenging.

Security leaders are under pressure to demonstrate the efficiency of their cyber security programs. To prove a security return on investment, CISOs need the right set of real-time metrics so they can set baselines, measure  performance, and make decisions based on missing or achieving goals.



Consolidate. Correlate. Prioritize.

SeeMetrics transforms distributed security programs into one consolidated view.  With a foundation of baselines, KPIs and benchmarks, CISOs can easily measure and communicate critical gaps and justify investments.  Assessing overall security program ROI is no longer a dream.


Get a holistic view of how each of your programs are trending, and make immediate adjustments to ensure optimal outcomes.


Correlate insights from different security tools to get a multidimensional view that helps focus on the critical issues.


Get clear direction on actions that will make the most impact, for example, which servers should be prioritized for patching.

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